Automatic service for creating MMA highlights
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Automatic service for creating MMA highlights
We are company BD-Sport.

We collect Live Statistics MMA. Our clients are Bellator, Rizin FF, Glory Kickboxing, KSW, MMA-Series and NFC.

We have created the solution for the automatic creation of highlights of fights.
How It Works
Video stream in real-time
Video Processing
Uploading video reviews
Our Advantages
Our highlights are more informative
Our highlights are more informative and give a more extensive idea of the fight than they usually do at the end of MMA fights. Our algorithm is based on AI and selects all significant actions that could affect the judges' scores in a particular round and beautiful actions. The duration of such a video is 2-3 minutes with a full three-round match. If a different duration and format of the video are needed for different social networks, then we are ready to implement other algorithms for this.
Speed of creation
According to various studies, interest in sports events lives for several hours after the event and it is recommended to give content as soon as possible. Our solution will allow you to publish highlight videos on various social networks, including on YouTube within a few minutes after the fight. This will allow you to take advantage of the "hot" interest in the event, significantly increase the number of views (coverage) on social networks, and encourage fans to buy a live broadcast.
Several videos from one fight
Our algorithm can create three variants of video highlights:
- short video - up to 1 minute based on three-round fight;
- optimal - 2-3 minutes with all significant actions;
- detailed - 5-7 minutes.
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